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Series of Muffle Furnace

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Ceramic Muffle Furnace



Summary of use:
    This series resistance furnace is discontinuous running type furnace. Can be used in laboratory, industrial and mining factories, R & D institution , academy for metal material,Ceramic material’firing, some single crystal heat treatment, fireproofing’s high temperature testing and common small steel unit quenching, annealing ,tempering and some other heat treatment 
1. Furnace adopts all Ceramic Fibre structure, light weight, specific heat capacity little, low consumption , saving more than 70% power . 
2. Rising temperature quickly , can adjust rising temperature speed . It should take about 15-30 minute from room temperature to 1000 ℃ .
3. The case adopts high quality cold-rolled steel plate with the plastic spraying on the  surface. The door adopts side door struc ture, which easy to open and  shut. For safety operating, product have power off device when open the door.
4. Control system adopts high-precision P.I.D intelligent instrument which have function such as auto-adjust,revise temperature error, timing, over temperature alarm, control temperature stability, high precision. Also have  non-contact circuit is used with the character of low noise and high reliability.
Major technical parameters :




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