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Series of Autoclave

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Electrothermal Vertical Autoclave Sterilizer(Automatic Internal Circulation Type

Summary of use: 
    HG type vertical autoclave is equipped with automatic control program, built-in electric heater, safety valve, solenoid valve, pressure and temperature indication table, sterilization end alarm and automatic cut off heating power supply. The container has the advantages of reliable sterilization and sterilization effect, convenient operation, safe use, energy saving and durable, and excellent value for money. It is an ideal equipment for disinfection and sterilization of surgical instruments, dressings, vessels, culture media, etc.
1. High quality stainless steel
2. Hand wheel translation type quick opening door structure
3. Safety interlock device
4. Computer controlled automatic cycle arbitrarily set sterilization process
5. Digital display working status, touch buttons
6. Over-temperature and over-pressure automatic protection
7. Soda water circulation system, built-in two independent stainless steel water tanks, used for automatic 
    collection of steam and water lack of automatic replenishment function, the entire sterilization process 
    does not discharge steam, the environment clean and dry
8. Self-expanding seal
9. Water protection control
10. With drying function
11. End of sterilization buzzer to remind the automatic shutdown
12. Equipped with double stainless steel basket
Major technical parameters :


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