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System of Constant Temperature and Humidity Weighing

Constant Temperature and Humidity Weighing System

Summary of use: 
     The sampling head, which has been balanced according to 8.2.1 treatment, is selected to be weighed with a balance in a constant temperature and little equipment. Each sample should be weighed with 2 words, each weighing interval should be more than 1 hour, and the deviation of the two weighing results should be within 0.2mg. The weighing results are recorded, and the average value of the two weighing results is taken as the weighing result. When the mass of the same sampling head is greater than 0.2mg in the second weighing, the corresponding sampling head can be re-balanced for at least 24h before weighing. If the mass difference between the second weighing and the last weighing is still greater than 0.2mg, the corresponding sampling head can be re-balanced for at least 24h before weighing.
1. Balance of samples in the box with constant temperature and humidity with high precision.
2. The electronic balance can work in the box with high precision, constant temperature and humidity. 
3. Balance and weigh samples in the same constant temperature and humidity box operation to ensure the accuracy of sample weighing results. 
4. The constant temperature and humidity box adopts reasonable circulation air mode to ensure the uniform temperature and  humidity inside the box.
5. Realize the separation of compressor and other vibration sources from the box body, flexible connection, overcome the problem of anti-shock mute, avoid the interference of equipment vibration to the balance weighing. 
6. There are two operating entrances on the box body. There are two rubber gloves at the entrance to keep changping from contact ing the external air when taking and putting the products, and seal them with rubber plugs.  
7. With temperature display value correction/temperature and humidity sensing body correction function (with automatic calibration function, to ensure the accuracy of the experiment)/compressor automatic stop/reservation start/stop running/pause record/power  failure memory function: when the power off, the program data memory can be maintained for 3 months.  
8. Password protection: set keyboard input lock or unlock, set backlight lighting, automatic shutdown time, display temperature and humidity running curve, click to expand or reduce the curve.  
9. LCD touch screen for real-time monitoring.

Major technical parameters :



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